Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy National Sweater Day! oh, and happy Spring

Happy Birthday, Mr. Fred Rogers.  And TCRG Ma, and my girlfriend's daughter who turns 20 years old today.  M told me earlier this week that today is National Sweater Day, in honor of Mr. Rogers. 

I always loved him, and his show.  Did you know, he was also an ordained Presbyterian minister?  Fred Rogers dies at 74

It's a very windy day today.  Tuesday evening, after a mini-ceili but no one w/ energy to go out after, after sprinkles in the day including my coworker's dad's funeral, as if signaling the end of the St. Paddy's Day season of wearin of the green, the rain started in with more earnest.  Both the local town parade and the big city parade this past weekend were rain (and snow) free!  YEAH and wow!  M did FANTASTICALLY.  She got her dream of finally being able to dance on a float in her solo dress, while it moved through the "big city' parade.  She'd been allowed to the past few years, but she'd been with C, and so she couldn't go.  Even Monday was busy, with me taking M up to dance at Si's school (precious the two of them), and her being the highlight of the show at a retirement/nursing home my main dance group danced that evening.  Good times.  Just, done.  And the rain began.

The rain stopped this morning.  Wind advisory until late tonight, rain again tomorrow.  Of course -- doesn't it always rain, as if God crying, on Good Friday?  A cold rain?

I'm so ready for the new season now.  While St. Paddy's Day season was a lot of fun, M and I were both sick for enough of it, even w/ things scaled back a lot, even while enjoying it (including some extra time with E! yes, I should have known, he'll deal with me and how I am to him, what I say, not worry about SO ("So, last night must have been pretty stressful for you?"  "Yes.  Thanks for helping me out with it."  "No problem."  Phew.)  I'm ready now to move on.

Even if this morning my car said, "Check gages."  Shouldn't that be "gauges?"  Sigh, low on antifreeze again, apparently, as the gauge indicated hotter than desired (but not overheating).  (I have to replace it often until I can get the radiator and/or hoses fixed.)  Even if my paycheck comes next week, oh, good, I have about $67. to cover me until then, as long as the double-charge of another date gets fixed.  Even with just now receiving a response from C / Sh about Easter break (which starts tomorrow,all!). 

So, this Robin says Happy Spring as well!  To get you rapping along with the change of seasons, per a Montessori teacher (named Darin Cort): -- YouTube - Montessori: The Rap  If you click on "for more info," you'll see the printed words.)

I shoudl add -- it IS Maundy Thursday.  The day in honor of the Last Supper.  Easter feels way too early this year.  Maybe we'll have fish for dinner, and bread.?



  1. God ain't crying, she's watering her lawn...

  2. Awwww, God crying...well he surely has good reason looking down on this.  Glad M had her moment & enjoyed it.  Happy Easter to you.

  3. yes I did know that about Mr Roger's! Didn't know it was national sweater day in honor him though!

    Happy Spring!


  4. I was totally ignorant to Sweater Day, but I knew about Maundy Thursday, since the McI family is dragging(ok, I said I'd be nice & go :} I love them) to Mass & festivities tonight.
    <only checks emotional gauges, but can change oil & tires.
    E! ~ Someone sounds happy. ~Mary

  5. I think that I like Marc's take on God's crying. We've had such an awful drought here for the past year that I do think that the rain that we're having is a blessing. However, I confess that I like the warmer weather and I'm not looking forward to the temperature drop that's coming next week. Congratulations to M on performing on the parade float! Happy Spring back to you and thanks for the video link!--Sheria

  6. did you know that rumor has it that the  whole reason mr rogers wore a sweater was to cover his big screaming naval tattoos???

    one of my students told me this years ago. supposedly it's an urban legend

    visit the rant anytime

  7. I imagine you guys are extremely popular around St. Patricks day. Your right, Easter was very early this year, how often do you get St. Patricks day and Easter in nearly the same week? We kept our Easter pretty low key. It was cold outside and Spring was being stingy with her appearance.
    I hope the rain has eased up in your piece of the world.