Monday, March 24, 2008

Different kind of Easter.

M spent Easter with her dad, et al.  She was due to be with me, but this way, her weekends work out how she wants them to.  "So, the weekends will work out?!"  "Yes, honey."  "Is that why you're being so nice [by switching it, and, losing a whole weekend not only switching]?"  It's for her, yes.  So, now she'll be with me for her 8th grade graduation weekend, which makes her happy.  Even if I did cry briefly after dropping her off (for most of a day with my mom until Sh p/up'd M -- which Grandma and M both really needed).

It'd been snow, sleet, and hail, most reports were of hail, on Saturday.  I tried to find E an Easter bunny with German chocolate (long sold out), and fun things for M's basket.  M's basket is a trash can.  Yes, a silver trashcan with a pink lid that opens when a pink lever is pressed.  She's been wanting it, and while it was a pricey $19.98 (for a trash can?!), it'll get used more than the less pricey pails with polka dots and pink trim.  I can still put in the rubby-duck / chick themed items.  She picked out her own long-earred rabbit previously, and pink Peeps.

I wasn't so sure I'd be hiking Sunday morning, even if E called my plans "Delightful."  I couldn't locate the "backup church" plan/time for services.  Sunday afternoon, I'd read of a sad event in a friends life, cried, prayed, (plus e-mails with Mom, my aunts, etc.) and yes, Daisy, let's go.  She thought it was for a regular walk, and headed in the opposite direction of my vehicle.  "Do you really want to go this way, or go for a ride?"  I didn't emphasize the word, yet she looked up at me, obviously recognizing "ride," and "trotted" to my vehicle to sit by the door and look up.  Good girl:)

I love the C&O Canal, and went to one of my favorite locks.  (I decided fairly readily not to bring Dad this time -- he's heavy in that "urn," and he's not into Easter.)  Daisy got excited as we drove down the dirt road to the parking area.  A few other vehicles, one with DIPLOMAT plates, whose riders had prepared a picnic.  Eh, those license plates are not uncommon around here, and I'm glad the people found this historical and lovely spot as well during their visit to the U.S.  And then others.  Kids.  A dog.  Daisy was both highly excited, and overwhelmed and cautious, sniffing and moving about.  Less than an hourin, she lead me down the correct side path that took us back; I opened the door; she jumped right in.  Okay, sigh.  We tried.  Spring wasn't too visible in the foliage, but it seemed busy with people for that particular area.

On to "the" park.  It's near "the" barn.  Daisy knows it as "the barn."  She was quite happy.  It wasn't too long before she led me down the path to the pond.  I wanted her to pose on the edge but she wouldn't look at me.  Oh.  A pair of Canada geese were floating along.  Just two weekends ago, Daisy saw her first mallards and you'd have thought she'd died and gone to heaven, except not wanting to get more than her paws wet, and them flying off, cunfounded her.  This time, Daisy also ran around the edge of the pond.  I'd held on to her leash that day 2 weekends ago, in the rain.  This time, I didn't anticipate any harm to the geese, nor that Daisy would wander off (being that she was too focused), so I just let her go.  Racing from one side of the pond to the other, dragging that leash into the mud.  Then she got in the water up to her chest and quickly backed out, as if surprised to be wet in her zealous excitement. 

One side of "the" pond, the geese started coming TO Daisy, and talking.  Ignorant me, simply captured Daisy on my cell phone to send on to M.  A few minutes later, I see Daisy approach with her nose stuck out waringly, then retreat back quickly, then repeat her forward sniff.  What had she found?  I was still not worried.  Oh.  Two big beautiful white eggs.  In a round hay-colored, grassy nest.  On the side of the pond.  The geese were protecting it, or attempting to without completely offering themselves up as sacrifices.  Daisy likes plastic Easter eggs more than she'll ever like to play with tennis balls.  I immediately got her by the leash and lead her away from these real life Easter goose eggs.  (She didn't even get that stubborn beagle bit going.)  She hated me trying to wash her off with warm pumped water up at the barn itself.  I let Daisy graze on the fresh spring grass, hoping she'd dry sufficiently in the warmer sun, and gave (horse) Red handfuls of new grass, too.

Peace.  In God's own creation.  Thank you, dear Lord.

I was so tired when I got home.  After about 2.5 hours outside, Daisy slept soundly.  I tried calling M's cell phone, and then left a message on her dad's home phone (which never got returnedsigh, it was Easter, can I TALK-talk w/ her, please? Or, today?).  Naturally, while taking a shower then bath, is when M texted me.  Only texts.  "Was this at [location]?"  Did you change my plan, I got a text saying my phone's plan was changed.  "Yes."  "Yes, I upgraded your # of texts."  "2 unlimited??"  Ha.  No, I changed it to 1,000.  She did say thanks:)  I tried to tell her two times that she was already up to almost 800 and to try to not go over.  "I'll try :) "  That she was allowed to text was nicer than she often gets, even if no communication should ever  be discouraged.  She uses it for homework purposes even, I KNOW that.  One friend has some serious home issues going on, so this lets him "talk" w/out voice, like M does when she's at C's.  Two friends have cell phones now who had not.  She went over her 300 minutes last month.  It was time.

I knew E wouldn't care what I wore, yet, as a girlfriend said, I would, and dressing to look nice was for me to feel good.  I even painted my nails a light shade that's wearing off a day later.  The radio station went dead as I was driving to the restaurant, so I grabbed a cd.  From BJ.  Beautiful classical "Fur Elise."  Calming, typically, I love it; this time it reminded me of my father playing it.  Wait, no tears allowed right now!  Quick, Natasha Bedengfeld (sp) to the rescue ha, upbeat and feminine.

We were both nervous.  It became more comfortable; we'd hold hands or play with them.  He'd brought some photos (I had asked for grandkid E photos).  Etc.  He laid out all the potential stuff he thought could be a hindrance for me, plus general info -- about his ex-girlfriend (I give him credit for how long he stayed supporting her through some issues), and he brought up SO, and his (E's) romantic history, and a lot (including something he's only told his ex-girlfriend, and now, me).  I told him he didn't have to tell me that stuff, but if he wanted to, I'd listen.  Including asking me, why him, just in different words.  As E said, we've known each other a long time now, so this wasn't a typical first meeting.   Thankfully.  I hate those and hope to never have one again.  He said, "I didn't expect this to be fun."  "Well, I was hoping tonight would be fun!"  I do really respect him for his openness and he is of fine overall character.  A quality guy, like I referred to in a post last March when E was giving me dating advice.  Ha.  (He hadn't remembered doing that.)  So open, respectful and trusting, and, as a girlfriend said, comfortable with himself / who he is.  Hmmm, true.   He'd even been to the same park, quite different area, only about an hour separate from when I'd gone. 

We were both more relaxed after all this serious stuff.  I did get my kiss with him, that I've literally dreamed about.  We left the one place, that was closing, for another.  He asked where I'd parked.  "Right by yours."  "Isn't that sweet."  And then he kissed me.  And, this time, he was looking over from his car to mine to be sure mine got started okay, before he started to drive off.

A lot of kisses later, him a smile on his face I enjoyed seeing, and most likely one on mine as well.  He IS cute, especially in his "hang around the house" jeans I'd not seen previously, and has thee softest hair. 

I do look forward to Missy M being home (while I'm happy she had some fun on Easter and all of that).  A dinner with E tomorrow night, however, will help me keep my mind off of M.  :)  Heck, he even offered to help me with stuff at my dad's...... not as fun, yet a stress reliever of its own (there are issues there sigh).  Did I mention how sweet E is? 

Oops, dag, rehearsal in 45 minutes.  E has a conflict, heck, E didn't connect that we had a rehearsal.  That's okay.  I can "do" calendars (when I get it ON my calendar).  My disorganization comes in other fashions.

I hope he's not rebounding.  He has contemplated a lot of this, however; *I* have contemplated a lot of this, pros and cons.  Our reality won't be the same as my fantasy, and I won't be "Dora" for him.  Yet, we can only take this chance, and see.  Spring could be pretty good. :)




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  1. So many  mornings when I was a little kid my Dad and Mom would wake us 5 up at 5:30 in the morning and we would go down for a hike on the C&O canal. My Dad would birdwatch, while we kids just ran every which way, up and down the slopes in certain areas ("skiing" down the leaves in the fall).  My Mom knit us all red sweaters and inevitably they'd all come off for her to carry. Then we'd get to the Falls and argue who was allowed to sit in the "bucket" seats, certain rock formations.
    Anyway, sounds like your date was perfection.  Nothing like making out with a good kisser.

  2. Ah, it's hard not to be with your kid on Easter...or any other holiday.  But it sounds like your weekend was jam-packed!  As far as E rebounding..I dunno.  I'm no expert on such things, but it seems to me if a man is going to rebound it would be with someone he hasn't known for a long while.  Sounds like he's had his eye on you for some time.  Ah, romance.

  3. Sorry to hear M wasn't with you for Easter, well at least you have graduation!  Sounds like E is coming along nicely, it will all fall into place if you just let it.  I wish you the best with this, it can be such an exhilerating time.

  4. I don't know why, but I didn't get the alert for this entry but I got an alert for a new entry today. So, I came over to check out today's entry, spy this one anddecide to read it first. I'm babbling but it's because I'm so excited for you. Yes, I read all of the details about Easter but the one that I had to re-read was the date with E. What a lovely man he is.

    Have I told you how totally entranced I've become by your writing style? I like the way you do this sort of controlled stream of consciousness style that allows you to filter everything through your perception of the moment. It works so effectively in giving the reader a total sense of being there in the moment with you. --Sheria