Monday, April 14, 2008

life could be worse

The pizza tasted a mite like paper, actually.  But I was sitting on a parkbench, in the sun, watching tourists go by.  Only one asked me for help as I was walking about, inside the barricade "flower planters," searching for a street vendor; which way is the White House was a rather easy one for me.  I got her turned around.  Life could be worse.  I don't quite understand why the woman I'm filling in for, tends to sequester herself inside.  Even if taking more than a moments time away from the desk, she goes underground to get across the street no matter the elements.  I wish to embrace the life outside, the cool pollen-filled air, the life of the city.  It's a pretty day today.

Last week, I got two pieces of news the same day, both of which will alter the course of our lives a bit from that day on.

"I hate to make these kinds of calls, Robin........"  Yeah, I knew what to expect even while I had to appreciate the severity of my Blazer's demise, and how it hung on for SO long.  Two gallons of antifreeze/coolant in the motor oil, a blown head gasket, well.....  she's dead.  I liked her, too. 

When I had a down moment, I almost cried.  At least I had good news for M, a reason to smile.

The same day, "Ma" also e-mailed then later called.  M is almost definitely going to the Oireachtas this year, as a solo dancer!  But, no promises this far in advance; I quite understand.  I only relayed to M that she'd been invited officially to Oireachtas Camp this summer.  It's with hope that M gets that final 1st place (in her treble jig), to earn her way to Preliminary Championship.  If not, however, she's placed 1st in her reel and in her hornpipe, repeated times (at the Open Prizewinner level, qualifying level for Preliminary Championship level).  That's what Ma's really looking for, as those are the two dances that M's age group dances at this year's Southern Region Oireachtas, plus continued good dancing and hopefully even more improvement.  It's really quite exciting:)  Orlando this December -- here we come!  Or, M.  (She's scheduled w/ C that weekend, but hey, it'll work out.  I did tell Sh that M was going to Oireachtas Camp.)  Ma laughed when I told her I'd planned already for M to be "pretty sick" those days she'll be missing school.  It's not an excused absence if they aren't sick, or immediate family member dies or something, and that could mean she loses credit for the class.  Stupid rule, IMHO.  "So, she's starting to come down with something now, right?"  "Ha, yeah, I think so....."

And, the 2-days of recital this past weekend went well, lots of details on, but summary = M's happy with it.  She's happy and eager to spend 2 almost full days doing a healthy activity (with a party w/ dance friends Saturday night and sleepover w/ 3 other girls, leaving me a chance to join E at an out of town ceili, surprising a couple guys but it's all good, a too full weekend but.).   I'm very proud of M, and told her and a friend that they should both be proud of themselves.  This sweetheart of a girl went to last year's Oireachtas for the first time, and recalled!  She suggested that M make an Oireachtas goal. 

I have no money for a car.  But, right, life could be worse:) 


  1. Sad to hear about the car.  I sometimes wonder what I would do if mine died.  Yikes!.  Happy to hear that you and E are still going well.  ~ Mike

  2. May your car rest in peace, what a bummer. I admire your ability to focus on the good stuff like M's invitation to the Oireachtas Camp. Congratulations to her for all of her hard work in earning the invitation. I agree that the schools have dumb rules about excused absences. There should be exceptions made for students engaging in educational activities. I consider participating in an artistically challenging culture activity such as dance to be educational.--Sheria

  3. Darn, about the car.
    and hurray for M, and the whole situation with E,too :)

    What is this sunlight you speak of? (asked the night shift worker) lol.

    I'm Still around but way too darn overextended!