Monday, April 7, 2008

I've been tagged! / I'm it!

Sheria tagged me -- They're asking about me!  (take a looking around her whole journal when you have some time).

The rules are:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1) What was I doing 10 yrs ago?  My daughter, M was going to be 4 years old, wow, has time changed in 10 years to her going to be 14 years old.  I was (am) a single mom, and my life revolved around her needs.  It's possible I co-taught Sunday school that year, or another year, I did work full-time, drove her to and from her Montessori preschool, her dance classes, various outings in the greater DC area such as Glen Echo Park, and my mother/stepfather watched her every Friday (sometimes more). 

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order):  (other than a lot of work things done and new being done, as I did work today, and basic things like walk and play with Daisy and clean up a hairball, and herd cats at breakfast time and give Tinker treats.... Doesn't mean that left time to get all the rest of this done!)

Check e-mail and M's facebook (still with friends I've known for years so, good); write this!

Request M's immunization records so I can complete her public high school registration (got the form, talked w/ her pediatrician's office, prepared the cover sheet, and been trying to fax it.......).  (And RE-call the high school which someone seems to have lost my number, along with RE-calling the orthodontist -- guess both are for tomorrow.)

Get M's dance stuff and mine, and anything else critical from my vehicle, into E's (yep!).  Leave the key so it can get towed (yes, a separate trip as I forgot.)  Get mine towed after talking with mechanic -- except I'm conserving my cell phone minutes so intended to do that from a landline and, um, haven't....

Pay some bills (ok, one got paid, will total up others first).

Card to my uncle Len (um, I'll pick one up......)

Call my brother (sigh, that repeats itself daily until I will finally call him; I have something to SAY now, an update).

RSVP that I can help for a feis, M's recital (all days), response about a gig (but a high school play is that night)....

E's car back to him after I pick M up from "the" barn.  Wow, I got some things done!  I wanted to send him a sweet note, too; the weekend was GREAT.  It's been a long time since I had a M'less weekend that was GREAT.  I'll freshen up before we return his car:)

3) Snacks I enjoy:  Anything right now, almost; I'm hungry.  (Hey, I did errands at lunch -- see to do list!).  Strawberries, peanut butter, cheese w/ or w/out crackers, warm blueberry scone with margarine, whole avocados (ok, or homemade guacamole with good chips and salsa), Bailey's over ice:)  Well, I'm saying it counts as a snack.  E didn't mind me drinking the remainder of his this weekend while he drank Samuel Adams.... 

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire:  Other than catch myself up financially (anyone w/ a spare couple thousand?!), do what I can for relatives (including consider a private school for M but eh, this public one IS good), retirement plan and college plan for M (and me? go back to school?), travel.  ALSO sponsor MORE kids from Plan, gosh, I'd have to really think this one through.  Fund a scholarship (or two) at M's school.  Even a million is a lot.  A lot of charity work and organizations -- animal sanctuaries and humane society help, schools and medical care for underpriveleged in our own country and in South America.  The working poor who make just too much to qualify for aid.  Help increase the scientific knowledge of our youth, give them more tools for learning, expose their minds to it in a way that's exciting.  I'd get good financial advice and try to truly make a big difference.  This could be awesome. 

5) Five of my bad habits:

Easily distracted.  Forms are typically beyond me -- hey, this was a real effort to complete!  I often put off what is difficult to deal with (emotionally or just tedious-difficult).  Sometimes, that's how I cope, but it can also delay things too much too often.  Disorganized in many respectsand struggle with that.  Sometimes I can appear reserved or uncaring when I'm just trying to take it all in or perhaps feeling shy / intimidated, and may even care a lot.  I'm not as close with God as I should be and want to be, so haveeven gotten in the habit of NOT attending church since my dad's memorial service, not any church (but I'm working on that one).

6) 5 places I have lived: 

Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Montgomery County, Maryland (all over, name a town or burg or city and I may have lived there, and do currently)

In and around College Park, Maryland

Goleta (near Santa Barbara,) California

South Portland, Maine

7) 5 jobs I have had:

I won't get into my full-time job or company that I've been with since 1980, not publically.  I'll say I most enjoyed the public outreach (constituents vice media) aspects and working with the youth.

Theatre ticket seller (live theater, not movie).

Administrative help for the Olympic Boardsailing Exhibition in 1984.

"Certified body fashion fitter," lingerie department, Woodies (Woodward and Lothrop).

Hostessing, waitressing, from Roy Rogers (the hostess outfit was a "cowgirl" theme), to Ledo's pizza with mixed drinks ha.

Volunteer at a local MNCPPC park.

Volunteer youth advisor at my (former?) church.

8) 5 peeps I wanna know more about, noting I can't "tag" people who have been tagged already, and a few bloggettes are just not able to take the time right now for this, plus I'm limiting myself to public aol journals just because it's easier, SO:

Marc:  Sober Gay Poz Ex-Con  (he's just too interesting NOT to include)

Dan:  The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind (because he seems to be photographically inspired lately, not prolific)

Happytail: Thoughts of an (almost) middle-aged veterinarian, or is it mother? (whether or not she plays along with this game, her journal appears to be underread and yet terrific sense of humour).

Rebecca:  In The Shadow Of The Iris (one of the best blog writers ever, and a really cool and supportive person)

Angie:  Peyton's Water (who doesn't really need explanation!-- adding -- as she's already known and loved! but, fyi, she also has ADD as does her one son in particular, and is well, a mother trying to do right by her kids and the world around her)

and so I picked 6, sue me:

Kathi:  The Patchwork Quilt (who has several journals, including some about Soldier's Angels, in part as she's a military stepmom, and lives just one state away so SOMEtime we'll actually meet up!)

Okay, go for it!










  1. What do you mean I need no explanation! you had a lot to do today, or yet to do, whichever.
    I will do mine tomorrow morning ;)

  2. Thanks for playing, I know that you are really busy; I'm exhausted just from reading your to do list. I agree that Bailey's over ice counts as a snack; I'm certain that it represents some food group.--Sheria

  3. hahahahahahaah gee, I luv you, your not only sweet but HILARIOUS!
    Thanks! Now I have an explanation :)

  4. No, you DID pick 5, cause I don't do memes! Nothing against you, my dear, I just feel like what I choose to say on a daily basis is far more interesting than random facts about me no one will remember 2 minutes after reading them.

  5. Robin, this was fun, thanks :)

  6. This was a fun read!