Saturday, April 5, 2008

the cat's out now

"E[name] offered me a ride." is what I said. Actually, it wasn't quite in that exact manner but that's close enough.
The proverbial cat's out of the bag now, I suppose. I'd sent an e-mail yesterday to the coordinator for my main dance group's outing today. Sometimes they like RSVP's for making reservations, and just to know. I'd responded that "we'd" be there at the ceili, not sure about the dinner, let me know if he's looking for a head count for the dinner social. So a woman friend in the group calls me this morning to offer me a ride, referred to by the coordinator.
The coordinator hadn't picked up that I'd said "We'd" be coming. The woman isn't stupid, and I'd have enjoyed riding with her and her husband. This event is at least an hour away. She's also too polite to truly comment, even if she DID repeat it back to me.  "Oh, thanks J, I have a ride...."  "Oh, with whom?"  "E[name]."  "E[name] is giving you a ride?"  "Well, E[name] offered me a ride."  "Oh, oh, um, I ah, I only asked as I wanted to be sure it wasn't [coordinators name] as he asked me to call you and make sure you had a ride."  Later, E laughed, "She's one of the smartest people I know."

I then steered the conversation on to her husband -- while it's been kept private, I heard about his mini-stroke. I'd been quite concerned about it. We ended up talking at length on that, so I'm glad I told her I did know. He'd had this over Easter weekend, went online to search for symptons, and they took a cab to the "better" hospital for these things. He was at class this week and I got paired with him. I could tell in his speech though not so much in his movements. I'm SO glad he got treated well and so soon, and that it's truly going tobe FINE for him.Yes, I should take my low-dosage aspirin....

I've read and heard on the radio that relationships of different ages (over 10 years, and we're at 14 years difference), get as much scrutiny as mixed-race relationships. Hmmm, I'm not sure about that one. I'd think same race, different ages, would receive less. But ? M does not understand why I went hiking with E. Others have told me he's too old for me. We'll see how, and who, in our dance groups react. Some will be surprised, it never occurring to them. I know a couple of the guys have picked up on my interest in E. More so ones who take note of ME, not any of the others I suspect. Some ofthe women won't have thought of it, either. So, he's so well respected, yet "Dora" also well liked (and I do respect her, I can appreciate the courtesy and respect in their relationship that much more NOW than I possibly even could previously).
I adore this man, and have. I had a great time with him, again, last night (watched The Mexican, as I have that on VHS and it's not a kids movie and he said he'd put his DVD player together but eh, his VHS/VCR is already). Just hanging out. (Not that anyone should care but no sex; it's even great doing other things.) He DOES sometimes look old. He usually looks real cute. I'll be proud to be arriving with him tonight, and it'll be comfortable enough. And, we'll get to dance!
(Dancing is, of course, also helpful for blood circulation, general exercise, and for the mind-- not only as exercise but doing patterns both aid against dementia. Really. And endorphins can aid against depression.)
E finally let his mother know that he's not seeing his "friend" "Dora." In E's time on all that.

For our Irish dance community, let the scrutiny begin.

Weather today: gorgeous! I have the window open, and Daisy hasn't left it. Thecats noticed, also. I took an allergy pill. I'll call Doug -- I'm happier now that I've heard something finally from Dad's reverse mortgage company that I'm hoping is good. (I've really stressed.)
There is an Irish Dance group performing at "the" Tidal Basin this afternoon, around 3-4pm, should anyone be down that way. That is a real honor and treat -- likely as part of the cherry blossom festival. Yes, some are still out there. This is D.C.'s best season. I won't make this. Not sure just when E will be bringing his car back for me to run errands with. I didn't ask for that; he offered. I suppose then I'll pick HIM up for tonight's dinner and dance.

I also wish to write my Uncle Len. Oh, I've been MEANING to, anyway. Just busy, sick, busy, too anxious and stressedover some of my dad's affairs, etc. Len is now preparing his retirement. His disabilities are too great for him to recuperate and return to teaching this Spring. His primary care doctor told him not before fall. Big changes there for him and my aunt Beth. But, now they know. He will always be a teacher, really, just not officially technically. He's passed the torch, successfully, to
to his son, Ian. It wasn't the way they'd want Len to go out, of course. My anxiety attack earlier this week had me really thinking, wow, if I had these often? And, Len is having a lot of other unexplainable medical issues. My heart and concern has been going out to him, but I need to hand-write that to him.

M is finding more ways to use her cell phone when at her dad's; seems her newest boy interest is inspiring her. She even got online a bit last night to pull off digital photos I'd emailed her, for a project due Monday. I also printed them out, and photocopied other photos, for her to take on Friday. "Oh, THIS photo!" Glad she liked them. Ha. And general cleaning. And figuring out what I'll wear tonight. I'm not worried. I want to look nice, but I'll feel great, anyway. I'm going w/ E. :)
have a great day, all. kitty cuddles for me right now, birds chirping outside. Maybe I'll pick up some flowers...

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  1. That's an interesting statistic regarding age differences and interracial relationships. I think that I agree with you. Just because something has become a cliche doesn't mean it isn't true and age really is just a number. From all that you have written about E, the word that comes to my mind is courtly. He sounds like a real gentleman, very thoughful and charming. Besides, there is something really hot about a nice guy wearing black leather.--Sheria

  2. Hi, you've been tagged by me!--Sheria

  3. Nonsense on the age difference, it means nothing as far as I am concerned.  I thought people were more open minded - if not they should be!