Friday, October 31, 2008


They're gone.

Maybe it happened at noon, Eastern (U.S.) time. I don't know.

After midnight, I checked; my AOL journal was still there. As if I was staying up late with a friend you know isn't going to make it the next 24 hours (except, to be honest, I'd MUCH rather have this go, than an actual friend / family member, et al, and there isn't anywhere near the same emotional angst and all that; I still find that somewhat analogous, kay).

I checked this a.m. -- normal. Some comfort in that, some "when will the foot drop?" Now, it has. (Tune in the dirge; I recommend Laura Byrne Egan's air entitled "Och nan Och.")

1 comment:

  1. Perfect sentiments! Music and all. I was a little irked they couldn't even give the grace of waiting till the end of today. Originally the ball wasn't due to drop until..tomorrow morning the 1st. Like everything else having to do with the whole affair, it seems they got ahead of themselves yet again. Why am I not surprised. Thankfully I brought my journal over. It's not the same, but those words are the context of alot of introspection going on in the past two years. (Hugs)Indigo