Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1 year

I don't know how many others remember that October 8th was the date we "observed" Columbus Day last year.  Beth and I did.  Maybe my brother Doug did; he actually called me but I just couldn't bear to answer.

It was late morning.  I'd seen him earlier, then helped at M's school for several hours.  I'd just missed him, it seems, albeit I'm told there was about a 95% chance of not surviving, anyway (and then, well, not exactly quality).

E took his two local grandboys and me tubing late summer.  I didn't connect until we were there that we were headed to Harper's Ferry, my father's favorite location of favorites.  Okay, I felt ready, and was glad I was sharing it with him, and even then.  Continuity of life, open up this part of the world, historically, geographically, etc., to new eyes.  Until I saw the postcard, the photo of Jefferson Rock.  It was in the small restaurant where we had a great lunch.  THAT rock, that's Jefferson Rock, and it's HERE?  One of my good memories was of Dad and I camping, and he'd taken photos of me with my then very long hair, at that rock.  I would recognize that rock anywhere, just didn't realize it was at Harper's Ferry.  After my moments, we toured some more, including to that rock.  Jefferson was correct that the view from there was worth the voyage over the Atlantic (paraphrasing).

I did talk "with" Dad this morning, as apparently did my aunt Beth, too.  He's still in his beautiful wooden box, on our table.  Maybe it's time for him to fly, be released......  maybe this 3-day weekend, fall and all.

I miss him.

update:  I did edit this to say October 8th, from October 7th.  Somehow it's letting me edit this NOW, but not previously.  It was nice to see E for about 10 minutes at lunchtime, him asking how my day was going, I looked forward to that.  It still is hard to NOT have my dad around.  And, now I know in advance the very very sweet thoughts and actions of Mary and Amelia, which I quite appreciate:)



  1. Well, both Amelia & I got the day wrong, but the sentiment is there I assure you. We'd both set up a mass for him to be said tomorrow, thinking he'd passed Oct 8 last year.  We did remember, just a day off :-). Peace to him. ~Mary

  2. Wow, it was October 8th.  For several months now, I kept thinking it's on Tuesday this year............  oy.  
    Oh, and aol won't let me edit my daggone entry.  
    Seeing E for 10 minutes at lunch was still nice, and helpful, though!
    Sheesz.  I'm either REALLY good with dates, or way off the mark.  Never in between.  Shaking my head at myself.  At least, I know it was Columbus Day, 2007.  Re-checking a 2007 calendar.  That was the 8th.  Idiot me.

  3. Don't forget to come over to Blogger soon!!!


  4. I find it comforting that you still talk to your dad. I talk to my mama, too.

  5. I talk to my brother, too. Probably always will. (((Robin)))