Friday, October 31, 2008

Glen Echo: summer and other memories (repost)

I was Sir E's guest at a lovely summer wedding. This is a reposting from my "unedited" (private I'm thee only reader not ready for prime time) journal. Except the daggone photo isn't working.

On a dentzel carousel horse ride at Glen Echo at a wedding the end of June. Naturally as the ride ended, and E got off of his horse to come by me for the photo, my horse went up and up and up again. That's why he looks so much shorter on here. I'd like to photoshop this or something and move him up beside me more in the photo.

My father used to go to Glen Echo Amusement park often as a youth, even integrating the crystal pool (swimming pool) when he covered briefly for his friend who had to step away from taking tickets or whatever. (It was not allowed at that time, but was later.) Dad would take my brother and me there when we were children. The place has been renovated over time, and by the time my daughter, M, was little, we'd take her there, the playground and theatre and artists yurts. Then I'd take her. We saw Cinderella puppet plays repeatedly; she took calligraphy camp; we'd play in and alongside the creek. It felt really fitting to be there at this wedding as E's guest, waltzing with him (in the bumper car pavilion, as contra dancing was going on in the renovated Spanish ballroom), and then riding one of the few remaining original dentzel carousels, THIS carousel, Dad's carousel, with the player piano music and repainted ceilings and animals. On my brother Doug's birthday, albeit he never did respond to my birthday card I'd sent him, with notes. Oh, plus this picture turned out, so good (i.e., we both look good, I like how my outfit of pink and silverish turned out). And E liked my pink flirty shoes I actually waltzed in before I changed shoes for more Irish dancing, the lovely bride being a musician in the Irish dance world, it was FANTASTIC music). lol.


  1. There is a carousel at a zoo around the area I used to live. I remember fondly the experience of taking that ride as a little girl. There is something amazing to find yourself taking that same ride years later, holding your own daughter up as the carousel makes it's way around and around. It's priceless isn't it....(Hugs)Indigo

  2. I'm so glad you found your way over to Blogspot and even better, that we found each other~~~~
    That sounds amazing that they had a carousel at a wedding and rides and fun.....I for one could hop on one and ride the circles for hours.

  3. Sounds like a an interesting wedding. And, by the way, I never even knew Glenn Echo had an amusement park.


  4. I think that you and E make a charming couple. You look like a princess, my friend and E a knight in shining armor (okay it's a shirt but you know what I mean!).