Monday, August 11, 2008

survey from Win

I have so many thoughts perculating in my mind right now and over the past couple weeks.  Perhaps I'll even get them coordinated sufficiently to jot them down:)  In the meantime, I was catching up on a couple of my favorite journals, with many others to go, and came across this survey in Winievere's.  Taste LIFE  While we're at it, I'm thinking of her at "camp" this week -- I do believe that God has a purpose for her to be there, working with youth which is a speciality of hers, I hope she and they have a fantastic time, and I hope she is able to find employment again shortly after.

Who was the last person or object you shared beds with?  E, naturally, and Daisy (the beagle dog).  Wait, or object?  Ha, um, no.  Unless you count pillows and sheets and a blanket as objects.  My cell phone's nearby as it's my alarm clock, but I don't share a bed with it.
What was your last fight about and with who?  I can't stand fighting.  E is so nicely NOT dysfunctional, compared to most others, that we'll talk things through (wow), and we're both respectful and laid back so not too much even bothers either of us.  But I am trying real hard not to fight with M's father and his long-term girlfriend, Sh, right now, trying to work things out and just be civil and normal. 
Do you consider yourself a neat freak?  No.  I like to be organized, I rather need things to be to help me function, and I do like things to be clean, but actually BEING organized?  No. 
Do you have anyone's clothes?  Yes.  I saved a couple of my dad's t-shirts that were my favorites when I gave away the rest of his give-awayable clothes, a t-shirt of E's I accidently brought home that I mean to return, the wedding dress of my mother's, and the dress my late grandmother wore to my mother and father's wedding. (THAT one I have worn, too, but I'll never fit into my mother's wedding dress, being she was 90ish pounds at the time.)  Well, and Grandma's bathrobe, too, which I'd saved to buy for her and I really liked. 
What's your relationship with the person you last texted? I'm her mother.  :)  
Do you have a fish tank?  Yes, two.
Last place you took a plane to? Atlanta, last December for the Southern Region Oireachtas, with my daughter, M.
Would you tell a stranger if they had spinach in their teeth? Depends if I thought that they could do something about it "privately" or not.
If you found out you couldn't have kids, would you adopt?  If I wanted more kids, and was with a partner who did, also, I wouldn't rule it out. Mostly, I suspect having E's grandkids will fill my need for a while, or if not E's, still someone else's, until my own daughter is MUCH older and has a child or two of her own.  It's not so likely for me to have any more children of my own, biologically, adopted, or step-parented; even while I do like kids, I feel "done."
What is your preferred method of birth control?  That's not really up for public discussion now, is it.  The important thing is to utilize something if having sexual relations and not wanting to become pregnant (or if a male, not wanting to impregnate).
Have you ever lied about your age? Not when it matter, i.e., if it's some online survey thing, I always fudge it slightly, as that's personally-identifying information, but in real life or, say, dating someone new type thing, who cares?  I am who I am, so no, why lie about something like that.  (Seems I'm a rarity for not lying about my weight on my driver's license, either, except last time but only as the guy looked at me like I wasnuts for wanting to change it to be more accurate, as well, I've gained, and he wouldn't let me change it.) 
Ever had an encounter with the police?  I feel like writing, "Define encounter."  LOL.  Hey, haven't most of us who've ever driven gotten a speeding ticket or a warning, gone through a sobriety checkpoint (proven sober, mind, I do not drink and drive)?  Actually, I've had neighbors and friends who are police officers, so shrug, yes, depending upon ones definition of "encounter."  I've never dated one.
Last time you went out of town?  Yesterday.  Oh, explain it?  Delaware for a feis -- with great trophies and really good stages for grade levels and champion level competitions, btw.  M was very happy to have placed, 13th and L was 14th, also happy.   I'm glad they both enjoyed it so, supporting not only each other but their "feis friends" from other schools, too, and of course Si and other dance school friends. 
Whose car were you in last?  E's.
Who do you most look like in your family?  My brother, just the female version, and I've used sunscreen and moisturizer over the decades and he hasn't type differences.
Have you kissed someone with braces?   Not for a really REALLY long time!  Or, was I the one in braces, and the guy wasn't?  I don't even remember.
Do you have a hard time admitting you're wrong?  Not usually.  I don't like to if I really care about how someone thinks and feels about me and I'm afraid he won't like it so much, but otherwise, not usually, no.
Do you like to travel by plane?  Yes, except for the packing and luggage bit -- worried about traveling with M's solo dress this December with all the new regulations for carry-on baggage, and that has to be carried on.
Did you get enough sleep last night?  No, but more than the previous night.
Have you ever made out in a bathroom?  Sure.  ADDING A NOTE: to alleviate Ravenjuiced's mind, I pointed out in an e-mail that showers can be wonderful places, when of sufficient size:)
Has anyone ever hung up on you?  Yes.  The most annoying was when M used to try to call me, and she'd used her dad's girlfriend's (Sh's) cell phone -- and Sh hung it up on M and I in mid-conversation.  M's dad, C, has, also but I can't even recall last time we've talked on the phone with each other, so that's been years.
Looking forward to something this weekend?  M coming back home from her final summer week at her dad's, and us maybe going to "the" fair, and maybe on E's boat.  It seems a whole week away.
Has anyone smoked in your car?  No, at least not with me as its owner.
Do you have any bruises?  No.
Do you find piercings attractive?  Completely depends.  Analogous to Christmas decorations -- some are tacky and way overdone, some are really lovely to look at, and tasteful,some just are. 
Who was the last person you sat next to?  A stranger (at the feis), but I did sit with Daisy to watch Olympics, E nearby, and I did stand often with L's mother, or with M and L, at the feis, and Si was there, etc.
What is the worst subject they teach at school?  Argh, ask me again in about a month when M's entrenched in her new high school.  She just got her registration back, and a fourth of it is completely wrong (but hey, so 75% of it's good).  I like most subjects personally.
If you had 100 dollars to spend on clothes, where would you go to shop?  Currently at Old Navy as there's a blue blouse with some flowers on it that I really like.  And I can fit into their pants that look decent enough and not teenybopperish on me.
Do long distance relationships work?  They can. 
How do you earn money?  Legally.
Where were you raised?  Primarily in Maryland, briefly also in Maine and in Washington, D.C..
When was the last time you talked to your number 1?  Who is that?  God?  A bit earlier today.  My daughter, M?  Yesterday (albeit I tried texting her this a.m., but she only texted back once).  E?  This a.m.
What is on your bed right now?  In addition to bedding, my TTY/TDY (phone), and probably at least one cat and possibly our dog who may have brought along a dog toy or "bone."
Do you name your stuffed animals?  I used to, but haven't had any new ones in years.
What's the last sporting event you watched?  Olympics last night, swimming and gymnastics, and the Irish stepdancing yesterday day. 

Ever collected unemployment?  No. 

Your parents tell you they're moving to Mexico:  HAHAHAHAHA.  My father did not like taking Spanish, and of course, if he started telling me anything right now, I'd start checking out who placed a speaker next to his urn.  Now, my mother and stepfather?  Nah, even if they actually vacationed, I think they'd pick other places first, never mind MOVE there.
Do you think you are an argumentative person?  No. 
Would you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler?  Neither.  My beagle is more than enough dog for me as it is right now.
What jewelry do you wear all the time?  Mine.  :) 
Have you ever had a difficult relationship?  Yes.
Ever driven into the ghetto to buy drugs?  This is actually a question here?  Wow, and NO.  Never.
Are your ears gauged?  I've had my hearing gauged, but I don't believe I've ever had my ears gauged.  Do people normally?  Odd question.
How did you feel when you woke up today?  Like it was too daggone early, and it was.
Where did you buy the shirt you're wearing now?  I didn't.  (It's a hand-me-down.)
Ever kissed someone who smokes?  Yes.  I plan to kiss him again tonight, too.  :)
What do you usually do first in the morning?  Feed Daisy, or Daisy and the cats, give them water.  I'll eat and/or drink something small and quick myself, and put on clothes I can walk Daisy in.  Then I take her out.
What are you doing tonight?  Read a few journals and filling this out.  Walk in a park with E, and likely Daisy, too, just because.  Try calling M, and likely watch more Olympics coverage.


  1. So you're saying your brother looks like a very wrinkled male version of you? ;O  I shared my bed with Briege, Pema & Clementine(people are now dropping off cats!). Want a kitten?

    Gee, do people hang up on me?  I do collections, what ya think?

    When dating, I would hope most people use condoms since I'm a bit cynical about "I was tested & I'm fine."
    Hmm, was that yesterday?  ~Mary

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers and your non-answers as well. I agree that some things are not for public discussion! Regarding the fish tanks, but do you have fish in them? I ask this of everyone who has aquariums because I have one but no fish. I had fish, but they died. Then I got some more fish, and they died. Some people say it is more accurate to say that I killed them, but if I did, it wasn't intentional. A fish tank without any fish is still quite lovely.--Sheria

  3. Cool!  You are in the DC area in the subarbs.  I was born in DC, and shortly thereafter my family moved to Northern VA.  That is where I lived until I was 35 or so.  Now I am in central PA, in a pretty rural area.  What a change of pace!  I enjoy both worlds, though.  Where I live now is much quieter and I like the slow pace (with rambling mountains, and horses to look at), but I also loved the faster pace of the DC area - with all the cultural events - politics, museums, concerts, public forums, campaigns to work on, volunteer work, etc.  And things being open all night.  But I think I am too old for all that activity now, LOL.  I am the ripe old age of 45!  But as I said, I like both worlds...

    Krissy :)

  4. Eww, you made out in a bathroom? That's just wrong.