Wednesday, July 23, 2008

let's not forget the Forgotten War

The Korean War has long been known and referred to by it's nickname, The Forgotten War.  Do an internet search on the Forgotten War and all sorts of Korean War references and links show up.  Quoting from both Content and from the National Park Service, Korean War Veterans Memorial: Korean War , the Korean War was "historically overshadowed" by World War II and the Vietnam War (albeit the Korean War was sandwiched between those two other wars).  Heck, originally, the Korean War was called a conflict, officially speaking, and not a war.

The war in Afghanistan is receiving more media coverage again, which I believe it should be receiving.  Today's The Washington Post had an article on the top right-hand corner of the front page, with a box indicating further, related articles inside (see if you can under the photo of the soldier, under the Obama visits Iraq article).  Every single soldier who has been involved in the war in Afghanistan, whether he or she served and returned home safely and soundly, is still there, or who lost his or her life or limbs, needs to be remembered and not forgotten.  I believe that about any soldier for any war or "conflict." 

Just that the author or an editor headlined one of these subarticles today on the war in Afghanistan, as "The Forgotten War."

I've had family (and/or) friends serving in most of the wars that this nation has been involved in since the Europeans came over (or, invaded).  The Korean War isn't all that long ago -- my parents generation.  While my father's tour of duty was comparatively enjoyable in Alaska, my Uncle Billy, William "Billy" Douglas, died as a teenaged Prisoner of War (POW) in Korea.  He'd signed up to help support his family, lying about his age.  Tens of thousands of others also lost their lives there within just a few years, with even more losing their lives as they knew them to be previous to their participation, and affecting the lives of their loved ones.  I will not forget even if I never got the chance to meet my Uncle Billy myself.

The nickname for the war in Afghanistan should be something else. 

Let us not be so quick to forget the original The Forgotten War.

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  1. A very powerful piece and a timely reminder that no war/conflict is minor or forgotten by the soldiers who served and their families. My dad's war was the Korean War as well. He says that he has never been as cold as he was while in Korea. He was a teenager at the time, he lied about his age so that he could enlist. I consider our famil fortunate that he came back, especially as I wasn't conceived until he did.--Sheria

  2. Hats off to your uncle Billy, may he rest in peace.  No war should be forgotten but it seems the youth of today know nothing, nor care to know anything about the wars of yesteryear.  The very wars that changed the world and the way we live.  Great entry.