Monday, July 21, 2008

so I ate M's ice cream for lunch, not that it's the same thing

Left in the car, okay, E's car that I drove him to "the" metro station this morning in, is his coffee cup.  It's a reminder of him, his lips.  He was hesitate about what to do with his orange juice bottle after he finished downing the remainder and needing to get the portable playpen and his baggage; "Yes, I'll take care of this, you have to be going."  Gosh he looked so cute this morning in his jeans and a black polo shirt.  "Those are your cute jeans."  He turned his head around slightly and gave me that smile I like as he stepped back into his home to get some other item, oh, his metro card.  I also have a couple coins now that he can no longer use as they were pre-Euro coins, and he knows I like coins and stamps.  (My father had, also, but somehow my brother got all the stampbooks argh some are due to M.)   E was racing to get to "the" train, to get to his daughter's.  E and his oldest daughter, and youngest grandson (baby E turns 1 this week), depart for Europe in a couple hours.  For 10 days.  I'm really happy for him.  E sang a song in German this morning, from his childhood, when his father had been stationed in Germany for Voice of America.

Also left in the car are M's dirty socks, from last time she danced at the studio.  I'd taken them out of her dance shoe bag, as she needs the dance shoes with her but not her dirty socks.  Heck, she should be dancing right NOW.  And her Delia's magazine with some desired school clothing items circled and her pen.  She took her school books, The Uglies, and a book titled something like Romette and Julio.  She's enjoying The Uglies.  M left me her photo of "Al" and her, from graduation.  She'd asked Grandma (my mom) to print it out for her when we visited yesterday.  Gosh, was that just yesterday?  I've put that in my purse; it's really good and I like it.  M's big smile, and his, both dressed up.  M's gone with her dad, C, his long-term girlfriend, Sh, and their 6 year old, Si.  For 2 weeks.  Except I'll see her this weekend as there's a feis.  I'm more excited for it this year.  Dad was in the ICU a year ago this coming weekend / this feis last year. 

Boss is back from his 2 week vacation.  I'm actually glad.  I get to interact and work more.  And, E is right, I can get some things done in my life (and more of Dad's affairs),while both he and M are away.


Oh, I did see E some these past 2 weeks with M being home, just really when she was busy with her own plans.  Not extended time.  It was important for M and I to spend some time together; I don't regret that, I treasure that.  Sometimes, just talking with her is good.  She and I had our "date night" Friday night.  Just just.  Then some sunny time on the top of his boat Saturday which M insisted on not joining for (we thought she'd like it), but spending with "Al" instead as he moves states away soon, so still just a few hours in.  Delightful but few. 

Last night got started late for us, catching the last hour of Titanic which I'd not seen previously.  (AND OTHER THINGS I"M DELETING HERE -- E is a gentleman, and may not feel comfortable with public details.)

I already emailed E this morning.  And texted M something I thought she may need to know.  I'll keep busy, they'll keep busy. 

Daisy loved rolling in the grass in the sunlight.  Inside, feeding her and the cats, what would I eat?  M's current favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's ice cream is really good.  I'll get her a replacement pint.  Not that it truly replaces time with E or with M, different sorts of time obviously, but it helps:)  And, who needs an excuse to eat ice cream?  Ugh, it's still 10 more days.

p.s. -- He's calling me now:)  Soon they'll be off.  Little E is napping with E, while daughter (mother) is searching for food in the airport.  Distracting me from deleting this entry (which I instead deleted portions of).  I'm glad he touched base.  Glad to hear that his brother's okay, too (had been a scare).  Presumably, M is doing well, also.






  1. I'll never tell"E"......but great story,lol :)
    Hugs to you, don't get too lonely!


  2. You write about E with such charm, sweetness, and a touch of humor.
    Ben and Jerry's is really good ice cream. If you're going to eat ice cream, it should be really good ice cream.

    It sucks that M and E are gone at the same time. Rent movies that you've always wanted to see and that no one else wants to watch; treat yourself to a pedicure; and walk around the house naked, just remember to close the blinds or you could have unwanted attention.
    Thinking of you,

  3. Watch the rest of Titanic, it is an awesome movie!!  I love how you interact with E, it sounds so darling..."cute jeans" and "that smile"...awww, reminds me of many years ago when hubby and I were still so enamoured with one another.  LOL.