Friday, August 29, 2008

"hot" Governors

So the presumed Republican candidate for U.S.A. President has chosen his running mate for the position of Vice President, the current Governor of Alaska.  One thing I've read about Governor Pilan is that Alaska has a bumper sticker that says "cold state, hot Gov," with some saying that they have thee hottest Governor.  

Hmmm, I don't know about that -- perhaps it depends which way someone swings; I can see how people could find her physically appealling.  Just saying, I've covered this previously --   our Governor is cool:)  (link to my post from LAST September about Governor O'Malley).  Yep, I think MY state Governor Martin O'Malley is "hot," in his own way.  She fishes and hunts moose, nicknamed barracudda (sp); he plays guitar in a Celtic rock band.  Hmmm.  Then again, Mr. Pilan is quite the looker himself, half Eskimo and all  ;)

I can't talk politics here, so sue me (for not talking seriously about politics and this latest momentous occasion in this years amazing Presidential race, besides, my political thrill is really Senator Obama's policies and prose right now, and Senator Barack Obama, and also Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden (Delaware) seem a good ticket for me). 



  1. LOL Robin, you're gonna get sued. I can't stand Ms Palin's drawl, and she seems to have been selected to counteract McCain's superannuation. Obama is a no-hoper - it would be a colossal boost in my belief in the USA if a black man became president, but he has this wife with a lack of attitude. And his sidekick - Bidet? Biden, sorry.
    In other words, I'm glad I don't have to vote next November LOL

  2. That comment is so incoherent I suspect "pharm"-olo has that handle for good reason.

  3. Love your musings about hot governors! Don't follow Pharmolo's thoughts at all. I can't believe that he's actually seen or heard Michelle Obama; if he did, he certainly saw a different woman from the one that I've seen time and time again.--Sheria

  4. I enjoyed your light hearted take on the "hottest veep" in history.  tee hee.  Yeah, I guess it is all in how you swing.  A fellow at work is all worked up about her...hey, maybe Brangelina should run!