Wednesday, January 16, 2008

reading from the script

No time to go home, go to the bank (ack, I'd forgotten the checks I wrote for M's costumes for "Big Show,"), AND write my last entry on my lunch break.  I'd already consumed my brought-from home healthy snacks.  It was a fast-food drive thru if I was going to eat and not have a hypoglycemic spell.  Limited choices... hmmm, let me try...

"I'd like a veggie burger, please."

"Just the sandwich, or the meal?"  I don't eat fries, other than 2 of M's if she orders some, and I'll save the drink money for the water fountain.

"Just the sandwich, please."

"Cheese, bacon, or jalapeno peppers on that?"  There are several possible reasons for someone to order a veggie burger, not one of which is compatible with the desire to top it with bacon.

I'm not sure if she is required to ask that, or if she just wasn't really thinking.

I did pay 20 cents extra for the slice of cheese.  The sandwich WAS pretty good (next time, I'll ask for no mayo, who puts mayo on a burger of any type??!).  But, BACON?


  1. A veggie burger with bacon. OK. Right. That's what I call: Lights flashing, but train never came.

  2. I like mayo and ketcup on mine, sometimes.   ;)

  3. So I guess no Hardees philly steak on top of hamburger sandwich for you?

  4. LOL, bacon on a veggie burger...did someone miss the point??

  5. I think most of the time they are on auto-robot talk mode. Pre=programed through training to not notice what we say, but to always offer the upgrades...i.e. bacon!

  6. That does kind of defeat the purpose doesn't funny....June:)

  7. Thanks for the smile.....the logic of some things may never make sense. I don't care for mayo in any form what so ever. Give my Oil and Vinegar first (although not on a burger).....(Hugs) Indigo

  8. Maybe it was veggie bacon! Thanks for the smile.--Sheria

  9. yes, putting bacon on a veggie whopper is akin to frying tofu in bacon grease (which is good but no one wants to admit it)

    have a nice day