Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't Stand/Hang out at MY Desk!

Just because YOU are sick (with a virus no less, not something that can't be passed along readily, just because YOU "have meetings all afternoon" even when you could call in for them, just because YOU like to be at least 5 minutes early for every meeting, especially our boss, just because OUR boss is amazingly on-time considering his ADHD, just because our coworker (Kiss-up Manager) is the one with Boss currently and she always takes extra time, this time legitimately, does NOT mean you get to hang out and over MY cubicle!

For the 7 minutes you waited, sick, standing over MY cubicle ledge. 

And started asking me questions so okay, fine, ask, but at least see if I'm in the middle of something first.  I finished and talked w/ him, NewGuy, but I finally said I was working on something, in hopes he'd sit down to wait.  He walked around.  Ah, gee, great, let's spread the germs ALL over.

Another coworker and him were sharing over the counter drugs at MY cubicle, earlier.  She left early for the doctor Monday, but otherwise kept working (thankfully for me, yesterday in another location, and I otherwise really like her).

ARGH ARGH ARGH.  So now my head is starting in, and my nose is running.

Gee, thanks. 

If you're sick and you're going to insist upon coming INto the office to work, can you PLEASE not hang out in MY area?  I can't afford to get sick, and get my DD sick (who is to sing the lead role in Cinderella in a few weeks).   What if I was still caring for my father?  Something like this could have killed him.

PLEASE at least attempt (or pretend) to be courteous.  Sheesz.

A few coworkers are working from home today, as they are sick. 

(And, if NewGuy is going to still show up at least 5 minutes early all the time?  Fine, others do, shrug, but don't get antsy at 1 minute after the start time, too, please, and yes, be respectful that I may be doing work, too, at that moment, cuz I was though I'm also happy to assist him, otherwise as needed.  And, when I say I need to talk with Boss first about something?  Don't go into Boss' office, also, as what I have to say may not be for his info, too, yanno?)

Mostly, DON'T GET ME SICK.  I like being well.

* note -- NewGuy wasn't sure he'd get paid if he went/stayed home, which comprised some of the questions he had for me.  (He would be paid,and may stay home some of tomorrow.)  I can emphatize (sp) with that dilemna.  Just, please, add some courtesy and don't go socializing so much!


  1. People are soooo sociable, sharing their bugs, aren't they?

  2. Next time just start coughing really loud at him.  He'll ask if you're sick.  Tell him no you're practicing for when he shares his germs with you.


  3. I had to chuckle at this entry....when one of our employees are sick and insist on coming to work I spray Lysol on them if they come near me.  I literally do, I call it my shield...I hear them approaching my office and begin to spray ~ I then proceed to tell them to lay any documents down and I spray THEM as well and then I tell them to go away, if they need me they can call me.  I know, I am a little overboard when it comes to germs but I can't help it.  I have fits in stores when people cough or sneeze, I put something over my mouth and whip out the Purell.  I don't open neurotic list goes on & on.  I do believe I have a real mental issue with this.   I know exactly what you are saying...I hope Newguy stays home tomorrow and you don't catch his bug!

  4. LOL, I hope your blog is most unrecognizable, or is that googleable~~ I'm with you.....stand back, stay clear and call me on the phone if your sicko, I really like my health thank you~

  5. I'm one of those people that rarely called into work. I did however stay to myself and make sure I kept things around me clean and germ free. Some people can't help but share the joy that is them with everyone they come in to contact with. That may be one of the reasons I tend to stay to myself. I'm pleasant and likeable enough, I just don't want to share my space with EVERYONE....Hope your not coming down sick. If you are make sure you share and share alike give it right back to the idiot. (Hugs) Indigo

  6. I have a one track mind, is new guy cute and single?  If so, bring him chicken soup and tell him to come back when he's all better. I'm so shallow!--Sheria