Saturday, December 29, 2007

a winter feis, part 2 (update via IM)

Let's see how this "journaling via IM" works for an update. (This daggone keyboard though HURTS my hands..... I pretty much require an ergonomic one.)
Ah, okay, I get the option of adding this to comments, to my journal (I THINK as a NEW?? entry?), or to quit.

Anyway, I got a photo texted to me from Sh, of M and Si. Si's in her solo dress which she's not supposed tobe wearing but it's not my business (she IS looking pretty, they both are). I wonder where M's gold tiara is but hey, she has on her eyeglasses and earrings.

And I waited. Granted, I did other things WHILE waiting. My mom will be pleased I finally tried on the clothes she gave me for Christmas. Almost 4 hours later -- so while walking Daisy, I try calling M via Sh's cell phone. It gets cut off, so I try again and get a voicemail. Sigh, okay. Then, immediately, I get a text message with Si's scores, plus YEAH, they got a 1st in their U13 2-hand, M and Si together.
But, is M's score not yet known (that'd be a surprise), or is she waiting to tell me personally, why not just call? Ends up, M's score and info about it was cut off. It'd been sent to Ma first, then forwarded to me after I called, so? At the time, I didn't know this, and textd back congrats to Si, and that I'm eager to talk w/ M including about how M did when she hears.
Well, Si DID do well -- remember, she's 5.5 years old, in her 2nd year of Irish stepdancing, and won first place in a novice level U7 hornpipe (i.e., hard shoe even, not even in soft shoe). She also got 2nd in her U7 novice slip jig (soft shoe). M called me later, they still at the hotel but not in the room, and I also talked briefly to Si. Si is THRILLED, and should be. (And, now she CAN wear the dress.) M, well, she had a good time.
Or, I think so. She feels okay about it I think, disappointed sure, but okay, and enjoyed the feis? M says she got right the things that she normally doesn't, and that she wobbled (on her toes) RIGHT as the judge was looking closely at her. Toes are NOT M's strong point. Arch and turnout -- definitely, but not toestands depending. One leg is longer than the other but I don't know if that has any relation to this or not. She had 24 dancers in her group, registered, anyway. I don't know, Mom, they just
kept coming up. She said that the photographer was there (ah, they got my request! great), and so on eFeis or elsewhere later, we'll figure out the competitor #'s with the faces. Many were from the Mid-America region, but really they flew and drove in from all over, Florida, New York, and west.
We talked about the other dancers -- I didn't realize, but this was "Friends" FIRST FEIS! How exciting, and she got a 3rd and a 4th (out of, hmm, 18-28 dancers depending which dance). Another friend DID get HER last 1st to move up to prelim champ (she also registered for all 4 main dances, while M registered for just the one).
I told M that I was concerned that being signed up for just the one dance may make her too worried. "Yeah...." so I guess her Friend there and all didn't overcome all her worries. I told M that this means she can still do Treble Reel's at the Prizewinner level, too (she wasn't registered ror TR this time, and she and I both love them for her). Ma had said to focus on the one dance and had reasons. We'll see for next time, though. M was excited for her friend who DID get her last first -- "Mom, can you
post that on the message board?" Ha, I had intended to already. I told M I was proud of her for helping out with the little ones on the stages, counting out their begining beats for them. Not clear howshe got asked to be a stage helper, but shrug, she's good at it so why not.
I think it's still better for M than not going. She's a good sport, and a great kid:) I"m real proud of her.
I've looked some at the 2008 feis schedule. Some I can't tell in part as I'm not sure how the weekends will fall (depends upon how we interpret Spring Break, but summer is set). There's not a rush. I'm told by someone else that Ma is thinking of not having dancers at their level feis again until May. Not that M nor I have been told that, but that's alright. There aren't any local enoughbefore then, and I don't have traveling money. They will be doing a lot of drills in their one class right now.
It's all good. M certainly had a better day today than if she'd stayed home and Si went, like last year. And she got to see Friend and other Friend, and DANCE, etc. She'll see her aunt tomorrow and they'll do C's family Christmas in Baltimore. About a 10 minute call, and some with Si, cuz I had to congratulate her:) but I'm real glad to talk with M, that today was still decent.


  1. I bet SI was thrilled with her win, sorry M didn't do as well as she would have liked but it sounds like she is okay with it and knows what happened.  Boy those judges must really be into the details!  Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  2. want to wish you a very happy new year in 2008. ((((hugs))))