Saturday, December 29, 2007

a winter feis (part 1)

She might be dancingNOW. (add what listening to)
I poured over the "electronic program" earlier today and was happy to see that one of M's friends is there at this feis, also. This friend likes to feis, but doesn't get to very often, so it's a treat. Only 9 from her school at this one.
M is there with Si, and Sh. Not clear if C also went. He typically doesn't; it really is NOT his thing nor desire. That's okay. M is likely feeling more confident w/out him around, actually. She can nail this, depending. As I told M, she dances at a champion level, TCRG Ma knows this, M just needs to show it. Mostly, I want her to feel good about how she did, but having confidence going in can make or break not only her placement, but how she feels.
M has gotten repeated 1sts in her other dances, and 2nds in her TJ. Oh, M, I pray right now, Dear Lord, please be with M. Have her feel your spirit, have her feel great and dance with her heart.

Admittedly, if she also gets first? Then she will be moved up to preliminary championship level.

Ma recommended that M only sign up for THIS dance this time, her Treble Jig. She also recommended having a private lesson, just to see. M felt that did help. * Captain added the star instead of going into the dresser drawer; Tinkerbell hangs over the monitor. In that lesson, Ma told M to focus more. Hmmm, M HAS lost her drive lately. Ma is thinking socializing in class, while I was thinking Oireachtas and schoolwork and other distractions. M's been going over her dances intuitively again throughout
the day and nights. Okay, is she up NOW, or is it now over??? I don't know.
She can just shine, and smile so bright, and just WOW. "Why don't I see you dance like this in class?" Well, M lost her focus I guess. lol I hope she's shining now, feeling great. I agree with Ma, who said, "I don't care how they place. I just want them to dance well." Or something like that for the second sentence. That she and the other TCRG's watch, and say, what school is s/he from?
So Sh this year brought M along with Si. They danced two figures dances in the a.m. Friend's mom seemed surprised for my call, but happy to relay info. She didn't know how they did in figures (that's okay, I don't really care as long as they enjoyed themselves and there were no mishaps). Seems Friend is doing well today! YEAH. She HAS been looking good, but doesn't get to feis much to move up, competitively speaking.
Several on their stage, stage 5, Si's competition, Friend's competition which was just about to start, another dancer from their school's competition, then M's. Friend's mom said something about M's big dance. I relayed how I hope that wasn't making M nervous. Friend and M have been practicing (and, seemingly, hanging out YEAH I'm so glad). Also, M's been helping on stages, counting out beats for the little ones. Ah, this is great, also. M CAN shine and feel good.
We didn't even talk a full 2 minutes, Friend's mom and I, but I'm glad for it (and she was happy to relay the info, I think she enjoyed "the assembly line" of how the stages were running, and the camarderie for her daughter). Perhaps M's on NOW, instead, gosh, hard to predict for certain. M will know I called, and she's"supposed" to call me later, also.
I"m pleased to hear that she's seemingly enjoying herself. If she also gets first? WOW. If not? Well, hopefully she will, of course, how exciting would that be, and the feis photographer was asking for requests, so I e-mailed a request in. Hate missing this (MANY hours away). Still, it sounds as if it just might make for a great ending to an overall good feising year. happy new year, all. (Still hoping!!!_
Happy new year, all. Christmas was, well, an experience (in a good way), which is for another post. M will be with me this year for the BIGGGG St. Pat's parade where she can wear her solo dress and dance on the flat bed, and have the school party after. Sounds as if she's already invited school friends to come and watch ha. (C has never taken her, not even last year with Si dancing, also.) I hope to get back to dancing myself again. I need that. May it be a good year in all ways possible for all of u
okay, only 33 minutes since I talked w/ Friend's mother. Are they done??? At least I know something, while I await, eagerly, to hear.... my cinderella:)


  1. LOL.  Relax and focus on something else.  Don't make me come over and pry you off the ceiling.

  2. Luck to M :)
    and, Happy New Year!


  3. I think it would be great if you got back into dancing again.  The St Patricks parade sound really great.  I think it would be awesome be dancing on a flatbed in front of all my friends.  Sounds cool.

  4. flow "like water" -  better at it than you. How many women hear that line from honest injun / Coast to Coast BJ - exhausted from "flowing" :::::laugh::::: Respectful :::::another laugh::::