Wednesday, October 3, 2007



M was less ambigious about her feelings about the new Starbuck's opening a block from our home.

I did let her get something not terribly caffeinated (homework wouldn't require that much focus and attention to require self-medicating her ADD).  Hot white chocolate.  I got an overpriced fruit and yogurt (over 3x what McD's charges next door, while admittedly a lot bigger, too, and probably fresher).  Such nice barristas, eager to welcome their new regulars to their fresh, new store, eager to help and share.

I picked up the iTunes song of the day (yesterdays was Bob Dylan, whom M didn't recall knowing but oh well).  I didn't find Paul McCartney's newest cd which this company had been sponsoring or promoting a lot this summer that I still wish to buy.

M checked out the seats in the "lounge" area, while I noticed a few sets of outlets.  She will, ultimately, find it useful to have a wifi area (ha, I have a clue what that means now!) for her laptop Grandma got her, for homework of course (lol, theoretically).  She didn't find the seats quite squishy enough.  I reminded her it JUST opened.  Ever the artist, she liked their pattern and colors.

We did NOT go this morning.  Almost out of my Oregon's Own Chai Tea mix, the calcium-fortified orange juice and veggie sausages worked just fine for our breakfast:)  

That Matchbox Twenty cd, Exile from Mainstreet, played in the background and then in my car, too.  What a fantastic cd, as if a greatest hits album (um, cd), plus 6 new songs, and their big hits are really good ones.  M and I sang, "I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell......." enroute to her school.  It was one of our very favorites some years back.  It starts off with the very powerful heart racing song, "How Far We've Come," and ends with a great song I've always loved, "Bright Lights."  Mine came with a "MVI DVD," also with lots of cool stuff we haven't looked at, all on sale (Target).

Dad normally makes his coffee (or sugar-free hot chocolate) himself but I was there earlier and he up a bit later, still having his breakfast and morning pills.  Somehow, making Dad his instant coffee this morning, black, no milk, no sugar, one teaspoon for one coffee cup size, just seemed normal.   Even if I myself don't drinkcoffee (as I don't like the taste). 

Wonder if he'd like their pumpkin scone?  Hmmm, not sure, but last night, M noted that this store has sandwiches, so they'd have a way to heat up that tempting scone I did not get.  How do these kids grow up so Starbuck's literate?  lol  (I know it's that she goes often with her father, but still.)  At least, for right now, we still enjoy SOME of the same music:)


  1. Just read your previous Starbucks entry and this one. Most of my friends are quite disdainful of Starbucks as being over commercialized and over prices but I have a confession, I like Starbucks. I agree that it is expensive, so I don't treat myself to a latte on a regular basis but I like Starbucks. I feel as if I have to keep my Starbucks attraction a secret lest my friends think that I've sold out to the dark side of commercialism. But I refuse to give up my little jaunts. Like M, I like the decor of my nearest Starbucks. BTW, love Matchbox Twenty. Thatr line, "I'm not crazy, ..." is my theme song.--Sheria

  2. Oh what a laugh I had when I read you had been to sample there goodies.LOL!! Glad you had a great time even if it was more expensive.I always believe you get what you pay for.Not having Starbuck's here I cannot comment realy.I can comment on Bob Dylan though, one of my all time favourites Whoo-Hoo..Take Care God Bless Kath

  3. I have bought PUMKIN SPICE creamer in the dairy section and added to my coffee at home, and oh my goodness, yummy!  I think you may like it.  
    Have a wonderful fall,

  4. I'm not crazy I'm just a little of my favs...LOL....June:)

  5. This is cute! I love this entry! :o)