Thursday, September 27, 2007

thinking of M

I think of M.  The air last night was soft, as in warm enough yet not hot, and just humid enough but not drenching or feeling like a wall one slams into, but gentle, soft.  The moon was full, as if a gold coin hanging there in the night sky.

I'd pulled up the weather forecast for where she and her classmates are.  Rain for today, 50% chance, oh, and some rain last night, oh, good, they'd only predicted 15% chance for last night.  I run through my mind what she packed for rain gear, including a compact poncho.  A warm rain, high's still in the 80's F.  Then I had to smile, she wasn't camping last night, just the night before, their first night out.  Last night and tonight, they are in cabins or lodges, joining with another intermediate-level Montessori class.  How exciting, really.  Only so many Montessori schools in the nation go up to the Intermediate level, and M's never met other Montessori students outside of her own school (and her primary school which only went up through primary, i.e., preschool through Kindergarten).

Under that full orange-tinted moon and the soft air, was this the night they were listening to a folk band, and had folk dancing?  I'd wondered if some would make fun, particularly the boys.  M said, "No, though J asked if there'd be a banjo."  She didn't seem to realize that the style of dance she now focuses on (Irish dancing, both set and step dancing), is a type of folk dance.  LOL.  They'll all have fun.

Programs there include a geologic hike to "the" falls, salamander monitoring (oh, a bit of misty rain shouldn't hamper THAT), monarch butterfly monitoring, orienteering, weather observing and recording, and I forget what else. 

I miss her while I'm real happy she has such an opportunity.  I buy frozen edamame as we were out when she asked for my "pasta and edamame" (with shredded parmesan cheese) for dinner Monday night.  I think of this past weekend and feis, and upcoming ones.  Daisy sniffs around my vehicle after I get home (and let her outside), to check if M's come home, too.  I still didn't make it to my own dance class this week, which I've missed all semester just busy with Dad and M and the pets.  I had time to read part of the newspaper this morning, with Liberty and Indie and Daisy, as I'm not taking M to school (still on to Dad's temporary place before work).  And I check the weather.

This morning's forecast for M's site is only 45% chance of rain there, with percipitation not expected to get more than something like 1/4 inch of rain in an hour.  Pffft, they'll be fine:)  Only a chance of heavier thunderstorms.  Maybe that'll only come after they're sleeping tonight. 

I actually have a lunchbreak for me today.  Typically it's more along the lines of walking Daisy and feeding everyone, driving to M's school to drop off riding pants as we didn't know she'd have a makeup lesson that afternoon until after I'd taken her to school, while on the phone with AOL as I couldn't get AOL to "take" my change of payment credit card as my main one had a security issue, driving through a not horrible place for lunch for Dad and bringing it to him, or shopping for him or spending all of lunch with him, or whatever.  Today, I went by Border's to check out more specific definitions of autism and asperger's syndrome.  I saw a magazine, Bethesda, with an article on "Girls with ADHD."  Of course, I forgot all about what I'd gone there for, and skim-read this article.  Towards the end of the article, the last name of a doctor was mentioned along with a program to assist those with ADD/ADHD, so I had to go back through the middle of the article until I found her first name.  I wrote that down with the idea that perhaps I'll look her up for M.  I DO believe that this article described both M and me. 

Then I scanned other magazines.  In the midst of Playboys and other "men's" magazines, I noticed there was no Playgirl.  I hadn't planned to buy a copy, but I wonder if there isn't sufficient interest to also carry Playgirl, or?  There was a whole area for "women's issues," which seemed to include health and fashion, which I bypassed.  Vegetarian Times seemed intriguing, until I realized I'd never actually use these (or other) recipes.  I did enjoy the quick article on Chrissie Hynde that was included.

The barrista recommended the Giant Peach tazo tea (man on man I can taste why), and I wonder if M would like it.  She loves peaches, or, used to. 

Here, it hasn't rained today.  We could use it; I could feel some level of moisture in the air this morning, but not so much at lunchtime, and no rain.  There, where M is?  Primarily, I know she's enjoying being with friends (and others), some new friends, learning and doing new things in a new environment.  Happy autumn:)


  1. Happy autumn to you, as well. I like your use of imagery in this entry; your introductory paragraph has the rhythms of poetry. Of course I also loved your questioning the absence of Playgirl among the magazines displayed. I actually had a subscription to Playgirl when I was in college; it was a birthday gift from my best girlfriends. We would look at the centerfold each month and try to appear nonchalant as if we'd been looking at naked men all our lives. Isn't youth grand?--Sheria

  2. I haven't thought of "Playgirl" in, probably 20 years!  You tickled a memory of when I was working at the bank.  Someone was always flaunting the latest issue. In my opinion, I just don't think women get the same thing from a magazine that men do, which may be why I never see it sold anywhere anymore.   I hope M is having a wonderful time.