Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a few blogs and a funny cat site

Two blogs which I've greatly enjoyed reading, have new, improved blog sites / URL's. 

Please now visit Dan / DPoem here (yeah, I know, he keeps his aol journal going, too, which is good as this new one doesn't really like being pulled up on my computer):  The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind

and also visit "morphed into a New Yorker with a newer spiffy blog to boot," Jeff Zimmerman, here:  And I Am Not Lying — For Real  (he will not be keeping up his former one, which I have on my side bar currently and will, ultimately, update, along with these others).

Guido / Pharmolo has a third blog I didn't know about until today:  Tropical Cyclones  Weather fanatics and those NEEDING this information may be the only real niche here, but sometimes I'm an extreme-weather fan, and it's all good info focused, summarized, and qualified just in case.  (His other, public blog includes a touch of weather and snapshots of life on a northern Scottish Isle:  Northern Trip)

A blog new to ME, is Kellen's /irisheyes1929 AOL journal, Journal Tournament V  So much of life can be stressful (good and bad stress), so it's been a handful of moments of fun respite asking my friends these trivia questions and doing occasional searches.  (Hey, Kellen, I think I know the answer to #10!  Then again, being I only have 3 others answered thus far, I'm still not moving along too quickly.)

Ending on an adorable cat site a friend sent me: I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?  How can anyone not smile?


  1. Hey there, Miss Dancer. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, and for plugging me over here. Keep in touch, and keep holding down the District for me!


  2. Thanks for the plug, Robin

  3. Hey!  Thanks for the linkage, Robin!  

    Now, to the Bat-cave!


  4. I loved the funny cat pictures.  So many pages of them too.

    I like those other journals and thanks for putting in their links,