Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today is the anniversary of the birth of our nation's great President Abraham Lincoln.  I've always liked him.

Today is the anniversary of my cousin Dougie's death.  I've always liked him, too, but in quite different ways.  His wife was headed out to a St. Valentine's (singles) dance party.  Oy.  I've been e-mailing more with my lovely freshman in college goddaughter LEL, Dougie's niece.  She misses him, too.  I need to contact her mom, my cousin Stephanie.

Today it's cold.  "MOOMMMM!  Is it COLD-cold, or just cold?"  "Will it be like yesterday cold?  "Just" cold.  Sunday the winds were 55-60 mph, me in my performance black skirt and tights trying not to blow away before or after our fundraiser show, E thinking he'd try to light a cigarette ha, I did make sure I walked out with him, but I left him to attempt that cuz, well, it was also 12F degrees.  My car sounded like a warmer idea.  So, comparatively, today's anticipated sleet, this bit of snowing now, it's COLD, but it's not like that.  A wetter cold than yesterday where we stood in "only" about a mile / mile and a quarter line to get inside the filled to 95% capacity (holds 19,500 but some tables for media, et al, so estimated holding 17,500), arena. * [Update:  saw an official estimate of 18,500 people. WOW.] Yesterday, she still rode just not two horses, being M landed on the floor of the indoor ring with a spooked bucking pony.  That's unusual, but even the very best riders have that occasionally, this one requiring M to soak in a nice warm bath later.

Today will be more ice than snow.  I think.  Or sleet.  I've always liked snow.  We'll see if we visit my mom and see a fantastic Irish stepdance show further north tonight or not.  If we do, as tired as M and I both are, "the other M" in M's dance troupe and her mom happen to have tickets to thee same event.  It'll be fun.  I AM feeling worn out, but we'll push forward, and yes, it WILL be fun!  (Even if I'm fine to have it canceled, is that bad?  A fantastic enjoyable show, I know just could use more downtime.)

Today, as "frankandmary" points out, is Kimberleigh's birthday.  I love the poem Mary includes.  (I'll try to link this.)

And, of course, today is the Potomac Primary / Chesapeake Primary, for Maryland, D.C., and Virginia.  I will only write politics when I'm on my home computer, et al.  instead, I'm on a downtime / breaktime right now.  I will say that there is excitement, there is concern that the impending weather may keep some voters away from voting, combined with the 16 point predicted lead in Virginia and 18 point predicted lead in Maryland that the polls last predicted, keeping some voters feeling that Barack Obama will win without them personally leaving home in less than ideal weather and going a few blocks to make their vote.  On a radio station M and I listen to, 107.3, President Bill Clinton came on and spoke.  Gosh, I do still like him -- I can still sense his appeal.  I'd write more, but, not while I'm here.  He sounded as if he was starting to get hoarse, still upbeat, and of course supporting his wife for President.  Later, Senator John Kerry came on -- I couldn't listen to all of that interview as I had to go into the office!, but he also sounded great (and is supporting Barack Obama).   They'd invited all the current candidates.  Hillary Clinton has/had flown on to the next state, I heard?, and Barack Obama was meeting and greeting people at the Eastern Market metro this morning.

I still say that the important thing is that people educate themselves sufficiently, and go VOTE.  The risk of a democracy is that some people a) are not knowledgable about the candidates and their positions, b) are ignorant (i.e., perhaps hold racist or other generalization concepts that are fallacies), and c) don't vote -- perhaps don't even register TO vote, or just don't get around to doing it.  The benefit of a democracy is that all of the citizens of the USA (sans a few criminal types or whatever those details are), once of legal voting age, have that chance to voice his or her opinion.  I also get to vote for my Congressional representative again.

We can do this -- make it through the day -- for those who are not longer here with us and can't do it themselves, for our parents and children and grandchildren (to be), for ourselves.

"This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."  -- Psalms something I should have memorized by now but escapes me.

I miss you, Douglas Everett [last name].  I will speak my voice today, before the weather gets icy (albeit, from home, I can walk to my polling location if need be), and share time with M and perhaps my mother, also, because we can.  Staying LIVING is something I know you'd want us to do.  I am still blessed, Tinkerbell warm under the covers with me this morning and Daisy at my feet (until the alarm went off, then she was trying to be IN MY FACE).  But I miss you.  Love ya always -- Robin


  1. Today is a "busy" day!
    Brian's b-day too!
    cold and snowy here too! kids are getting out early!

    ~~~Make it a Great Day~~~

  2. The Repulicans in many states have, in fact, made it arduous for ex-felons to regain the right to vote. Particularly in, you guessed it, Florida.  Might have made the difference in 2000...

  3. A red-letter day in your calendar, Robin. Will remember Kim for what's left of Tuesday and beyond. I wish you the wisdom to choose the candidate you feel best serves the needs of the US.

  4. I appreciate the compassionate emails :-).  I am sorry about your cousin, but glad you are keeping in touch with his daughter, that has to mean more to her than maybe even you realize.  I know when my mom passed, I felt sort of alone & really appreciated family contact, esp as an only child, which I am assuming she is.

    Mom is at a singles Valentine dance, uhm, well, Robin, you know I am sort of judgy... DAMN.

    I don't care for Bill or Hill but even though I have voted mostly Republican, I BELIEVE Obama.  & when I say that, realize I have read everything available about bill/hill(yawn) Obama/ McCain previous to that.  Uhm, b/h were investigated by the FBI all thru their presidency, I have looked into this & that has ONLY happened with their presidency(at least to that extent & yes it was their~ she was 'helping' major~ presidency).

    Aren't you glad I'm reading again ;-0. ~Mary

  5. I've always liked Lincoln as well. I think of him as a rather lonely man with great integrity, with the weight of the world on his shoulders.--Sheria