Saturday, November 24, 2007

Comparing 3 Egg Nogs

I've located three corn-syrup free egg nogs so far this year, all with special qualities. The three include the returning Lactaid EggNog, and returning Horizon Organic Lowfat Egg Nog, and a new one, Silk Soymilk Nog.

At first, the Lactaid EggNog was the only one findable. Yum:) We've had a few quarts of that already. Last night, I picked up the Horizon Organic lowfat Egg Nog, and what the heck and it's 30 cents cheaper, let's compare, Silk Soymilk Nog.

I gave M a taste test this morning, oops, we finished up the Lactaid EggNog last night, thick, rich enough taste. So, instead, I poured the Horizon and the Silk in matching glasses, to the same level, and sprinkled on nutmeg. Adding nutmeg is just a requirement for us. M was hesitant. She was not thrilled to try any soy milk egg nog, but mixed up which one she thought it was. I didn't correct her as I didn't want it spoiling her opinion / the results.

M still chose the Horizon Organic lowfat EggNog over the Silk Soymilk Nog, "Ewwww." She even had this nog after the Horizon one she thought was soymilk and was surprised to find it good. The soymilk nog is thinner, in a way that those used to drinking soymilk would likely not be bothered by.

(Note:  I do drink some soy milk, just prefer Westsoy Vanilla Shake which is more flavored / sugared up and perhaps thicker, and usually in with my chai tea for the latte.  We also drink cows milk in a low / nonfat version.)

Apparently, M's never again having anything to do with soymilk nog. I'll drink it, but I'm disappointed. I figured out what I felt was missing -- where's the egg? They do not call it egg nog. There is no egg in the ingredients. As a vegetarian, I was looking for the cholin and B vitamins and such found in eggs. This particular version of soy milk doesn't even contain the calcium percentages found in other soy milks (mimicking cows milk). There are other benefits for many people in drinking soy milk over cows milk, and this version of nog will be acceptable for those requiring or desiring this alternative.  For me, for us, I'll pass next time.

I did rinse out the Lactaid Eggnog carton for reading.. It is not lowfat, and includes all those good things that makes "regular" egg nog taste so good, such as milk, sugar, cream, and egg yolks.  It contains calcium and vitamin A, and like all three, protein.  It also contains 26% of ones saturated fat for the day, and 21% of ones cholesterol. Fine for M to have for and with breakfast seasonally, but something I'd need to use as a treat. I DO like that it's easily digestible (but don't require that like some do who are lactose-intolerant).

I don't recall the cost of the Lactaid Eggnog -- so far this year, I've only seen this one at Giant Food. I got the others (Silk and Horizon) at Shopper's Food Warehouse. Normally, Shopper's carries the Lactaid Eggnog but it hasn't arrived there yet. 

Last year, I did not see a corn-syrup free Egg Nog at "my" Trader Joe's (not sure if it was sold out or they didn't carry it).

I've yet to see Horizon Organic lowfat EggNog at Giant Food any year (even if Giant carries the "regular" Horizon Organic cows milk, which my father would grab as he just knew that the cow graphic was the milk he liked).

The Horizon Organic lowfat EggNog is good. It contains only 10% of ones saturated fats, and 13% of ones cholesterol. It also contains calcium, vitam A, vitamin D, and some other things like B12 (as it also includes egg yolks, organic even). This is likely the best nutritional corn-syrup free egg nog for M and I, that we'll actually like enough to drink:)

Next, we'll have to compare the Horizon Organic Lowfat EggNog with the Lactaic EggNog in a taste test. All three only come in quart sizes, and I know by New Year's Day, finding ANY of these in stock will be a treasured find, or, at lest Horizon or Lactaid brand eggnogs.

Both M and I CAN consume corn syrup, but neither of us like it very much, certainly not drinking it in our egg nog where it adds a slimy texture.  I suppose for the masses out there just using it as a mixer with their rum (is it rum?), that's not a big concern.  M uses it as a sometimes replacement for cows milk, seasonally, and it means she may drink it with (or for) breakfast. This means corn syrup in our egg nog doesn't fly. Thankfully, there are options. Pricier, so a treat, but worth it.



  1. btw, I Love 'Carol of the Bells' :) when April played in the handbell choir in Middle School, that was always a staple...and always a favorite of mine! (no handbell choir in high school, darn it...I miss hearing the bells:(

    and I'm glad y'all found a way to drink 'nog', but I'm just Not an egg nog fan in any way,shape, or form, ever,LOL.  never acquired the taste for it...I'm just a regular ole hot chocolate girl,here :)

    Happy Holiday Season, no matter what we do or don't drink!!!
    Hugs from just south of ya :)


  2. I love eggnog but I'm also a diabetic so I sharply limit my intake. I can't believe this great post. It's just the information that I need. I really hadn't thought about looking for eggnog without the corn syrup. It contributes a lot of the sugar and of course less sugar means that I may have more than a single sip. You have pointed me in a knew direction for finding an eggnog that I can have by the glass and not a sip or two. Happy Holiday season!--Sheria

  3. This is interesting to me, I love egg nog (by the end of the season though I can't even look at it) ~ no rum for me thanks, just the egg nog will due.  I either use 1% milk or soy milk anyway so I doubt I would be bothered by the taste or texture of the soy nog.  Whoa...26% of the daily fat!!! See, this is why I never read labels!!!  So then my egg nog binge during the holidays is probably giving me like, 150% of my daily sat. fat allowance...LOL  I'm going to see what my local grocer is carrying, maybe I will try these out myself.

  4. I don't like brother loves it though...he gets all excited when it hits the stores every year....LOL.....June:)

  5. I used to play handbells!  I love handbells.  We didn't play that particular song, but it was one of the songs I thought I could tolerate as a ringtone:)  (I really like it, so far.)

    So glad I wrote this up if it's helpful to anyone!  I didn't check out the carbohydrate levels of the three nogs.  I should, being hypoglycemic, but I didn't.  (Normally, the level of fat and protein in something like egg nog would be sufficient, for ME, to counter balance the sugar levels.)  I'll be curious to hear what Sheria finds out!

  6. Shalom;
    Thanks for stopping by and visting "the Reel".  Mark and I don't care for soymilk. I only use it (the plain) in my Challah. G-d bless you and your daughter (I was a single mum myself)

  7. I only drink eggnog when someone buys it and yes, it has to have nutmeg in it, but I do make a mean Mexican chocolate. Now that's REALLY yumm!